Access to software

We are continuously striving to provide access to tools developed by the Galaxy-P team and collaborators.  Below is a summary of some resources available for accessing software tools.


Jetstream is a U.S.-based, national cyberinfrastructure for cloud-based scientific computing.  Jetstream supports Galaxy as a platform for bioinformatics.  U.S.-based researchers can apply for Jetstream allocations.  Public gateway instances can be established that offer access to anyone in the world.  The Galaxy-P team is currently partnering with Jetstream to make multi-omic Galaxy tools and workflows available.

Note: Galaxy-P has set up a publically accessible Galaxy instance on the Jetstream cloud-based cyberinfrastructure resource.

a. Proteogenomics instance:

b. Metaproteomics Instance:

c. Galaxy Proteomics Europe:

We maintain a publically accessible website at  This site is meant to be a resource for training and sharing workflows with the community.  It contains workflows and small-scale testing data.  The site is not meant to be a production instance for large-scale data, and any accounts and data created here are temporary.  The Galaxy-P team collaborates with Galaxy developers around the world including the European Galaxy Community. and Australian Galaxy Community. Users are recommended to use as an alternative server to run your analyses.

Galaxy Tool Shed

As we deploy new software tools in Galaxy, and develop workflows for multi-omics data analysis, we publish these in the Galaxy Tool Shed.  The Tool Shed is a publically accessible repository enabling sharing of tools and workflows between other Galaxy users. If you would like setting up or running a production Galaxy service  or creating your own personal Galaxy instance, use the latest release branch, which only receives stable code updates. Click here to know more about how to create your own Personal Galaxy instance (